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Thursday, 12 January 2012 14:35

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A group of the so called “dreamers”, young illegal immigrants who are enrolled in college, staged a protest against Republican pre-candidate, Mitt Romney, one day after his victory in New Hampshire, his second in as many states.

The protesters denounced Romney for his position in regards of the DREAM Act, a bill that would give undocumented university students a path to legalization. After his victory in Iowa Romney was asked if he would veto the DREAM Act, and he answered that if he were the president he would veto such a bill.

Considering the fact that Romney is not the president and he is not even the candidate for the Republican Party yet, the protests seem futile.  

The politician they should be protesting against is President Obama who, in his presidential campaign, promised an immigration reform in his first year as a president. If he had kept his promise, all these “dreamers” would already be in the path to legalization and no longer would they have needed the DREAM Act.

This protest is actually a propagandistic move against the candidate who is more likely to lead the Republican ticket to regain the White house, and it is aimed to benefit the Democratic president Barak Obama.  

Maria Elena Durazo, a union leader and part of the protest, said that Romney has “made his position against the DREAM Act, as a main part of his platform”. Of course she said that in Spanish to a Spanish language media. Those who read English know that immigration is not a main part of his platform which is based on the economy and job creation.

Another of the protesters, Juan José Gutierez, said that Romney “is the most far right politician.”  This is also false because all the candidates, with the exception of Gingrich, have the same position on immigration. Herman Cain had an even more extreme position than Romney

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